How to Tell if Your Baby’s Shoes are Still a Perfect Fit

  • Babies or toddlers require special attention in most aspects of their lives, and all that pressure falls onto parents. Shoes are also one aspect that parents often struggle with, because they want the shoes to be equally adorable and functional. The pressure can be overwhelming when it comes to finding shoes that are a perfect fit. Not to mention, taking your little one shopping can be somewhat of a nightmare. In these uncertain times, online shopping is the way to go. Why risk going to the mall when you can search online for toddler girl sneakers on sale, toddler boy sneakers or several other shoe types. If you are looking to buy new shoes for your little one, but are not sure whether they are still the same size or not, here are a few tips on how to tell if your little one’s shoes are still a perfect fit or not.


    Signs That Tell You That Your Baby’s Shoes are Too Small:


    1. Your little one’s toes are tightly jammed against the front of the shoe. There should always be enough space in the shoe’s wide toe box to allow your little one to wiggle their little toes easily. This space should be sufficient to allow you to press the tip of your thumb down onto the end of the shoe without hitting a toe.


    1. Your child tells you that their feet hurt. When your child is a toddler, they are most likely to let you know if their shoes are bugging them. Therefore, listen to them. Another sign to look out for is if your child complains of any back, joint, hip or knee pain, because that can also be a major sign of ill-fitted shoes.


    1. The shoes cause blisters on your child’s feet or are pressed deeply into the skin causing discomfort or wounds.


    1. Your kid appears less active than before. If your kid does not feel like playing outdoors as often, it can also be another sign that they just do not want to wear their shoes. They have either outgrown it or the shoes have always been small.


    Signs That Tell You That Your Baby’s Shoes are Too Big:


    1. Your little one often trips or twists his or her ankles while wearing the shoes. This is common if the shoe size is too large.


    1. You notice that your kid drags their feet. This is a sign that the shoe is too big, and that your child is unable to lift their feet, resorting to them dragging their feet instead of lifting them and walking.


    1. You may notice that your child is walking differently, awkwardly, or weirdly. Large-sized shoes can affect the walking style of babies and toddlers.


    1. Your child may get blisters on their feet. This is possible not just with small-sized shoes but big ones too.


    1. If you notice the heel of your kid’s feet lifting out of the shoe when walking, it is a clear sign that the shoes are too big for their feet.


    Now that you are aware of all the signs necessary to determine whether baby or toddler shoes are too small or too big, inspect your little one’s shoes and see whether they are due for an upgrade.